Jobs for Senior Citizens

Finding a jobs for senior citizens may be easier than you think!

There are some jobs that are perfect for senior citizens that do not necessarily want to work full time but would like to earn some income while maintaining a certain amount of freedom. 

Part time positions are far easier to find than full time positions. The job market is just now starting to recover but it is still a bit tight. If you are looking for part time employment than it will be a lot easier to find. Many positions start out as part time and wind up full time! 

Sometimes you have to make up your own job! 

Examples of senior citizen jobs:

Substitute Teach

Most states do not require a teacher license or an education beyond high school to work as a substitute. Substitute teaching is an excellent opportunity for seniors. You can pick and choose which assignments you are interested in and basically make your own schedule. 

The pay is pretty good and can range from $40-$90 per day. Typically the school district offers a free class that is mandatory and a quick background check before you can start working. 


If you are retired from any one of the following industries you can teach at your local community based college: nursing, any field in the medical industry, hairdressing, certain business fields and many other industries. Contact your community college and see what positions they are looking for. Many times your experience will substitute for any education requirements. 


You can babysit!

Many young families would love to have someone with experience to take care of their children. Put out notices in grocery store bulletin boards and offer your services. Check around to see what the typical fee is in your area and adjust yours accordingly. 

Use Your Skills 

Think about your skills, do you know how to bake? Can you write? Are you good with people? Use your skills to help narrow your search. You do not have to work in the same industry that you always worked in before you can find a new and exciting career field doing something you love. 

There are many opportunities online that you may be able to utilize to your advantage. A lot of well known companies offer opportunities for call center positions from home, administrative assistant positions from home, writing opportunities and other senior citizen jobs right from your home! 

Go on the internet and Google 'jobs for senior citizens' and see what comes up. You never know till you try!

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