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Anti aging nutrition is important, whatever age you are. After all, "You are what you eat". Yes, I know you’ve heard that before - but it’s true! Try to run your car on lemonade or beer instead of its regular fuel. Think what would happen!

Bodies are so much more complicated than cars and so much more important - and yet, how we abuse them! The fuel we put into our bodies affects how we look and feel on a day-to-day basis as well as having a part to play in how long we last!

Good teeth, nails, hair, skin, and a slim figure can wipe years off you. To keep your body in good order, you need to learn about anti aging Nutrition and enjoy a healthy, age defying diet. We hope we can help you with that by providing Healthy Living Tips.

So to get the hands of that clock moving backwards (or at least coming to a standstill!), your anti aging diet is of utmost importance. And, once again, the sooner you start the better.

Not Getting Any Younger, wish you’d been more careful over the years? Yes, of course, we all feel that. But better now than never. Not only will you begin to look better, but you’ll feel a hundred times better – and how you feel is reflected in how you look!

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Anti Aging Nutrition - Antioxidants In Food

Antioxidants help rid the body of free radicals or rogue cells. To put it very simply, these rogue cells are aging your body, so you want to exterminate them!

Foods designed to help slow down the aging process are exploding onto the market.

Manufacturers are now making us, the consumer, much more aware which of their food products contain antioxidants (such as vitamin C and E and CoQ10). Their aim of course is to persuade us to include these items in our anti aging diet.

Antioxidants may have been added to their foods for some time but are now being promoted as anti aging nutrition. Or the producers are relying on the fact that we’re now more aware that antioxidants help us slow down the aging process from the inside - and so they’re pointing out these ingredients to us more and more in advertising.

In a study of more than 4,000 women, the "American Journal of clinical Nutrition" found that those women who had a high intake of Vitamin C did have fewer wrinkles.

Other key categories of anti aging foods, which are being promoted to us, include eye health (Lutein) and joint health (Glucosamine), as well as skin appearance.

One of the biggest breakthroughs over the last few years in the fight against aging has come from "Resveratrol" which is a compound found in the skins of red fruits such as grapes, berries etc, which is exceptionally high in antioxidants & when ingested helps to cleanse the walls of the arteries thus improving blood circulation & helping to fight of the likelyhood of heart disease & other circulatory problems.

Even with a healthy, varied diet, (such as the Mediterranean Diet) and the use of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid it may be sensible to add supplements to your anti aging nutrition strategy. Certainly the over 50’s usually need a lower food intake and it’s sometime difficult to include the whole range of optimum foods into our diet without eating too much.

In middle age we need to eat less just to maintain our current size, let alone if we want to slim down and get a new lease of life. Smaller portions and multivitamins seem to be the answer.

Cut down on sugar

If we do try and eat everything we hear is good for us (and who can restrict themselves to that alone?!), we pile on the pounds as we age, because our metabolism slows down.

It is quite definite that over-eating, and especially consuming a lot of sugar, is one route to aging more quickly, because the body is put under more pressure and has to work harder.

There are many health reasons to banish sugar from our anti aging nutrition program, but dermatologists now think that a very sugary diet can actually contribute to wrinkle development!

The study in the British Journal of Dermatology explains that when glucose goes into the bloodstream, the proteins it damages the most are collagen and elastin. These are the proteins that keep our skin elastic.

You may not think you eat a lot of sugar but start checking labels to make sure. Manufacturers add sugar to unlikely foods, such as pizza! Try and avoid all forms of sugar including glucose, sucrose, fructose and high-fructose corn syrup. This is a key factor in your daily healthy eating regimen and it will also help to avoid


Eat more oily fish

A diet rich in fish oils decreases the risk of dementia and the essential fatty acids found in oily fish play an important part in the health of your brain cells.

Fish is also a source of choline, which has two major functions in the body associated with memory and the brain. So add more fish to your menu and maybe those names and numbers will stop vanishing from your head!

bottle and glass of water

What is calorie free and fights aging?

Water should feature strongly as part of any anti aging nutrition. Few of us drink enough plain water and yet it helps to Detox the body of unwanted toxins,keep your gut working effectively to hydrate the skin and allow the brain to function.

You need water long before you feel thirsty and our mechanism for recognizing thirst weakens with age. Being even a little dehydrated over a prolonged period can diminish your physical and mental performance as well as increase the risk of kidney stones, urinary tract and colon cancer.

Check your urine. It should be pale yellow. If it’s amber colored, or you use the bathroom less than four times a day, pour yourself a glass of water.

Even if you are consuming countless cups of tea, coffee or juice, your body still requires plain water. Also central heating, exercise, alcohol and some drugs are all dehydrating.

Eat more fruit like apples, oranges and bananas.

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If you would like to read about the benefits omega 3 fats have for your children and entire family, please visit Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Children Glycemic Index- GI has grown in popularity in recent years. It allows you to classify foods rich in carbs according to the way they affect your blood sugar. Low GI foods prevent aging hormones to develop and help you feel good physically and mentally.

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