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A little touch of anti aging makeup tips and of makeup will go a long way to making you look younger and more vibrant. Experiment to see what looks best.

Anti Aging Makeup
Can anti aging makeup really make me look younger?

Yes, it most definitely can! A touch of makeup can make you look instantly younger and fresher.

There’s nothing better than a little bit of lippy and a sweep of mascara to give you an instant lift.

Along with concealer and foundation, they only take a couple of minutes to apply – so there’s really no excuse for not rolling back the years in this easy way.

Don’t be too heavy-handed though. Once you pass your thirties, when it comes to anti aging makeup, less is more.

As time goes on you’ve probably found that your skin has become more uneven in texture.

This means that your makeup sits less smoothly. Help is at hand though, with a gentle scrub/exfoliator, to be used in place of your cleanser.

This will help to speed up the natural skin renewal process used in anti aging skin care.

Followed by an essential moisturiser (anti aging day cream) and/or a layer of wrinkle remover cream in the form of one of the new primers, this will give you an even canvas to apply your makeup and provide a longer lasting final result.

Redness is the most common problem to develop in older skin, so take action with a really good concealer.

This product can really turn back the clock by hiding blemishes and broken veins, as well as dark circles under your eyes. Use the concealer over moisturiser (and primer if used) to create an even base for foundation.

Choosing the right foundation for your age is important. Anti aging foundation is not shiny; nor should it be too matt. Think dewy complexion rather than oily or chalky and invest in a sheer, light-diffusing formula to add radiance.

And again, less is more. Dotting it into and around the sides of the nose and blending outwards, with a bit on your chin as well, is often enough to give the right coverage.

Anti Aging Makeup - Foundation And Brushes
When applying anti aging makeup on your eyelids and cheeks, avoid shadows and blushers with sparkle in them, even for a night-time make-up. Unfortunately glitter only exaggerates wrinkles. You’ll find that clear colours, with a touch of shimmer are more youthful and flattering.

Forget rainbow hues and only use two colours on your eyes as you mature. It’s important to create structure and definition – remember light colours will open up your eyes, while dark colours will make them recede. So flatter "disappearing" lids with a pale colour and define the sockets with a darker tone.

You’ll probably find you need to use a brow pencil as part of your anti aging makeup routine. To look natural this should be paler than you think.

Fuller brows are more flattering than a thin, hard line. So use a brow pencil, a touch lighter than your natural brow colour, to fill in the blanks with feathery strokes.

Anti Aging Makeup - Lipstick
Your lipstick shade should also become lighter as you age.

Your lips tend to get thinner and dark colours make them look even more so. Therefore dark colours make you look older.

They also look much worse than lighter ones if they bleed into fine lines around your mouth.

Anti Aging Makeup - Lip Liner
You can try to avoid bleeding by using a lip liner of course. But choose a soft textured pencil, which doesn’t leave a hard, old-fashioned, line.

If you’re using much the same make-up as you’ve worn for years, you might like to experiment further by switching from traditional to mineral.

Mineral makeup and cosmetics are taking the beauty world by storm! You could find them to be the anti aging makeup solution you’ve been looking for.

Did you know that the history of makeup dates back to the ancient Egyptians around 3500 BC.

Remember - Your makeup routine is a big part of your skincare routine and if you're using the wrong makeup, your complexion will suffer.

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