Green Tea Health Benefits - Helping to Boost Metabolism & Lose Weight

Are you aware of the amount of green tea health benefits there are?

Green tea is a mild tasting drink that has been used in the Far East for centuries & is officially considered one of the ever increasing list of Superfoods.

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It’s a herbal tea that is taken hot or cold without any added sugar or milk.

This nutritious drink is also high in anti-oxidants which prevent many forms of Cancer including Prostate Cancer and also helps to decrease body fat as it contains a substance called catechins.

There are many other health benefits which include lower blood pressure and Cholesterol ,increased metabolism, acne healing, weight loss, lowered blood sugar and fights colds and flu.

Some people are even making their own green tea and boasting that it is twice as good as other tea manufacturers are producing.

Watch this short video as Dina Khader discusses the health benefits of Green Tea. She talks about various forms of Green tea, how this tea bolsters good health and how to properly brew a cup.

Increases Metabolism which Increases Weight Loss

Green tea has been proven to increase your metabolism by 4%. This increase means that your body is burning calories at a higher rate and therefore decreases your body fat. It also prevents glucose from moving into fat cells.

The catechins in the tea can help you loose an extra 80 calories per day if you drink around 3 cups per day.

You should also feel less hunger and reduced cravings for food as drinking the tea helps to stabilise your blood sugars.

This will also help you loose weight as your blood sugar spikes can cause unnecessary fat storage.

With tastes that are light and refreshing, green tea is the perfect addition to any diet. Order yours now from Generation Tea. They utilize their resources, experience and knowledge to provide you with premium quality Chinese teas at competitive prices.

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