Ways To Look Younger
& Feel Great!

We’re all looking for ways to look younger and the quickest way is to review the way we dress. Style and color are both important points when considering fashion for mature women and ways to look younger than we are.

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Fashion for Over 40's

Treat yourself to a color analysis

Fashion for Over 40's
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Wearing the right shade of clothes can have us looking younger in an instant, as well as improving the appearance of our skin tone. Treat yourself to a color analysis – you’ll often get style advice too.

“Why on earth did I spend years wearing black?” you may wonder after a color analysis session!

You’ll have an array of scarves looped around your neck to assess which shades bring your complexion alive, make your eyes brighter and have friends tell you how great you are looking.

At the end of the session you’ll be given a wallet of fabric swatches, of the colors you look best in, to take shopping with you.

Turn out your wardrobe

Now think about style. It is worth remembering that although we want to appear younger than we are, dressing too young can actually make us appear older than we are! I know – it’s difficult to get right!

It might be worth investing in the services of a stylist. A personal stylist is not just for celebrities. She edits your wardrobe in a friendly, non-judgemental way and susses out the outfits you feel good about yourself in and persuades you to finally get rid of those that are past it.

Then she helps you shop for replacements, getting you to try styles or shops you would never have thought of. Having determined your body shape, she’ll teach you to boost your best qualities and learn to let your clothes detract from your flaws. Your figure will improve instantly and you can drop a decade this way.

You can set and stick to a budget and she helps you avoid costly mistakes. You actually save money in the end because you’ll have clothes that you look great in, which mix and match well. I think this is time and money well spent.

Start with underwear

Among all the stylish ways to look younger, underwear is of vital importance.

A big bust like mine can make you look very matronly if it’s not supported well, so invest in a properly fitting bra. Also breasts change size over the years, so whatever your size, make sure you get yourself measured professionally every so often.

My shape changed completely when I got properly measured. I had fallen into the habit of wearing the wrong size and once in the right one, the transformation was amazing!

I have also learned to avoid high necks and go for V or scooped round necklines. However, don’t let that deep neckline plunge so far that it reveals crepey flesh! A hint of lacy bra, no matter how pretty, is not for most women over 50.

Aging gracefully means never letting your underwear show through your clothes. In fact a visible panty line just looks awful on anybody, whatever their age!

Control garments are brilliant for smoothing unwanted lumps and bumps. They will provide an instant fix for a special event and provide curves in all the right places!

When you wear a short skirt (and I mean knee length here or just above at most!) skin tone tights or stockings are definitely a good idea, even in summer, unless you have Tina Turner’s legs!

Age-defying style

For ways to look younger, choose classic styles and clean lines. Over a certain age, a little flesh on show is fine but not too much! For instance, mix a low neckline with trousers but cover up more on top if your skirt is short.

Try and avoid that mid-calf length for skirts; even with high heels it can be a very aging look. Instead go for either knee length or full length.

Arms can also be a give-away when it comes to looking younger. Fight bingo wings with arm exercises and keep flabby upper arms hidden under sleeves.

Whatever our age, most of us wear jeans regularly these days. How to look younger in jeans? Spend as much as you can afford on a really well-cut pair. The perfect jeans can transform the shape of your bottom, hold in your tummy and take years off you.

And please forget all about elasticated waists! They are not included in ways to look younger! The right pair of jeans can be just as comfortable. I have a few pairs of “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” for example. I like telling people they are for “women with real curves”. They have a tummy control panel and are so comfortable I could sleep in them.

As well as elasticated waists, avoid big, baggy clothes because you might be overweight. You may think loose clothing makes you look slimmer but, honestly, it does not. Too tight, with underwear lines showing, is not attractive, but tent-like clothes do nothing for our figures either. They even allow us to eat more because we stop experiencing that “getting tight” feeling!

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Fashion for Over 40's

Picture reproduced by kind permission of © dreamstime.com

More ways to look younger:-

As far as shoes are concerned, heels improve your posture, giving your legs a longer look. They don’t have to be inches high. You will look far younger in shoes with low heels or wedges than you ever will in flats - and they can be just as comfortable.

Take a tip from the Italians – high heels and handbags make any outfit look sexier and more youthful. Whatever the price, a beautiful bag can make you feel like a million dollars! Fashion for Over 40's

Picture reproduced by kind permission of © dreamstime.com

If you’re thinking of ways to look younger when you have to strip off, then choose a stylish one piece costume. Or go for a tankini beside the pool or on the beach. A bikini can be very unforgiving to older skin, which loses elasticity, even if the figure is still youthful. A swimming costume will camouflage and flatter more than the most expensive bikini is able to.

Fashionable ways to look younger

Fashion for Over 40's

Keeping up with fashion accessories is also another of the many ways to look younger. Well-loved classics can be given a modern twist with the right shoes, jewelry, belt and handbag.

A take-me-anywhere dress means a worry-free wardrobe if you add the right accessories. The same with those well-fitting jeans and a good quality T-shirt or this season’s blouse. Fashion for Over 40's

Pictures reproduced by kind permission of © <dreamstime.com

Check out the fashion magazines and buy yourself a few up-to-date belts, bangles and bags. Instant updates like this will rework your wardrobe in seconds and are all part of the many ways to make you look younger and more glamorous.

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