Top Ten Reasons To Exercise

Why should people exercise? Why is exercise important? Importance of physical fitness.

The importance of physical fitness cannot be stressed enough these days to prevent diseases and to live longer and healthier lives. There are a gazillion (many) reasons to exercise but if I had to narrow it down to the top ten reasons to exercise then here is my list below. These could be arranged in any order as all of them are important.

Top Ten Reasons To Exercise

1. Live Longer. - Your heart is a muscle, if you never exercise it won't last as long as a toned one.

2. Increase your lung power. - Be able to breathe easier by working your lungs (such as in aerobics.) You won't get winded as easily.

3. Improve your self-esteem. - Look better to yourself. Give yourself something to feel good about.

4. Lose weight. - Most important of all, you can't lose weight on diet alone, exercise is absolutely crucial here.

5. Be more attractive. - Look better to others, look desirable!

6. Regular exercise helps with sleep disorders. - There are studies that suggest regular exercise to deal with insomnia and similar disorders.

7. Improve your metabolism. - Muscles burn calories faster, and not having so much fat makes your body use what you put into it.

8. Strengthen your bones. - Regular exertion with small weights strengthen and improve your bone health.

9. Lower your blood pressure. - By exercising and eating well you can lower your blood pressure, avoiding hypertension and other diseases.

10. Avoid frozen joints and muscular atrophy. - Sedentary lifestyles can cause your body to become stiff and weak from underuse. Exercise corrects this by making your body move as much as it was meant to.

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