Anti Aging Face Cream

Choosing the best anti aging face cream that suits you can be difficult as there are so many different products available.

There are anti aging face creams available for every combination of skin including dry, combination, sensitive, normal and oily.

Recognizing your type is the best place to start when choosing a cream.

Don’t forget that your skin can change over time, so each time you try a new face cream, check your type again. What type of skin do you have?

Anti Aging Face Cream


Your skin is lubricated naturally by oil glands which produce a substance called sebum. Dry skin occurs when these glands don’t work or don’t produce enough sebum. The skin can be sensitive, itchy and appear to look slightly dull. It can also feel dry to touch. Your skin must be kept hydrated regularly with a hydrating mist, cream or lotion. Also drink plenty of water.


Oily skin is the opposite of dry skin. The oil glands in your face are producing too much sebum. This can cause you to have acne and clogged pores. Your skin will look shiny and feel greasy to touch. The best way to deal with this type of skin is to use a clay mask or regular herbal steam treatments.


Lucky you! But don’t let your guard down. Your skin is in good condition and the oil glands in your face are producing just the right amount of sebum. Your skin should appear vibrant and feel plump and moist to touch. You should tone, moisturize and clean regularly with a suitable facial treatment.


Sensitive skin is not so much a type of skin, but more a skin condition. The skin can be dry, oily or normal and still sensitive. Your skin can react to cosmetic products that contain artificial colorings, synthetic or fragrant oils or alcohol. Use natural skin care treatments for this type of skin.


A combination skin type as the name suggests is a mixture of oily skin and dry or normal skin. The area around the forehead, nose and chin, which are commonly referred to as the ‘T-zone’, appears oily. The area around the eyes, mouth and cheeks appear dry or normal. If you have combination skin, then choose a product from each skin type range to keep you skin looking and feeling healthy.

What Else Do You Need To Consider

Now that you know what type of skin you have, you can narrow you search down to the particular anti aging face creams that are suitable for your skin.

Are you using an anti aging face cream to prevent your skin from aging


are you looking for a cream to heal your skin? Most creams will help you do both.

Sunlight is a major cause of skin aging prematurely. It cause wrinkles and damages the skin. Look for an anti aging face cream that has sun protection ingredients. This will help you prevent premature aging.

The other important aspect of a good face cream is the active ingredients. Your cream should contain vitamins and antioxidants. These ingredients slow down the aging process and help repair skin cells and prevent wrinkles.

There is no complete cure for aging skin, but using a good face cream over a period of a few months should keep you face looking healthy and less wrinkled.

The Best Face Creams For Anti Aging

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