Anti-Aging Fashion Help

by Linda S.
(Winnipeg, Canada)

A lot of women experience fashion ruts as they get older, especially when they reach their forties. Some of them feel like they have been left behind by modern fashion and some dress like teenagers to keep up. Some even do not even want to bother updating their wardrobe at all, wearing the same old clothes that they have had for several years or until they are too worn out.

Unfortunately, dressing too young for your age or dressing with outdated clothes can both add years to your appearance. So if you would like to look youthful and full of life, then the easiest way to do it is to update your wardrobe.

Basically, it is important to keep the cuts and fabrics of your clothes and accessories up to date. To do that, you may want to look up the celebrities around your age-group and what they wear currently on casual days to know what is trendy and suitable.

While shopping for new clothes, it is best to make sure that they fit your body right. It is tempting to go for a smaller size, but if getting a size bigger will flatter your figure, then it will take years off your image. Make sure your clothes are not too baggy either, as they will only make you look even bigger than you actually are. Try to stick to figure-skimming and comfortable clothes, you will be able to move better and look nicer.

If you never wore skirts before, now’s the time to start! Skirts are flattering at any age and usually the most versatile pieces, compared to other kinds of clothes. A-line skirts are never out of fashion and can flatter any figure. This is because they cover the wide areas of our hips and thighs, but is fitted at the waist. Experiment with different lengths and styles to find out which are flattering for you. Just do not wear mini-skirts, as those are only for young and slim girls! Keep your skirts to at least knee length.

Choose full-length pants or trousers, instead of capris. Capri pants usually just flatter the slim and long-legged. So if your body is not like this, it will only cut you short. With trousers, boot-cut and straight-leg cuts are best, as they elongate the legs. Stay away from acid wash jeans also, as they highlight wide thighs and hips. It will be better to choose dark-colored denim, to slim down your legs. Mature women should not wear trousers that are too high-waisted or hang low on the hips, as we tend to spill over our mid-section at this age.

When it comes to jackets and blazers, just make sure you get those with a smooth, tailored fit. They should not stop around the widest part of your hips and get those which accentuate your chest, like breast pockets. Stay away from jackets with bold prints, and choose ones which are a bit more discreet. Wearing contrasting colored tops underneath your jacket will help elongate your figure.

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