Anti-Aging Strategy
Weight Training for the
Golden Years

by Abdul Matynne

Senior Weight Training

Senior Weight Training

Weight Training, also called Resistance Training can be a very effective Anti-aging strategy if you do it safely. Get a doctors clearance and get started on a Weight Training Program today for a high energy, fit life.

How a good program of weight training can help towards more independence for seniors

Physical exercise at all stages in life is important for general well being and for better involvement in society. However as we grow older, many people instead keep away from physical activities and become more sedentary.

Most of us might have come across that unusual man or woman enjoying perfect health and engaging in activities well past the age when most of their contemporaries are resting in retirement homes. Careful observation and has shown that most individuals of such abilities engage in training of one kind or another.

The Benefits of Weight Training

Weight training has been shown to have significant benefits in both preventing disease, and in the reversal of disease conditions.

Sarcopenia, the loss of body mass that usually occurs with age is one of the indicators of a weakening frame, and body. Resistance exercises like weight lifting can combat this condition in individuals already suffering from it, and also prevent it because weight lifting helps to build muscles which increases body mass.

Osteoporosis is the loss of bone mass, a situation that is more prevalent as people age. This usually results in accidents and confinements to wheelchairs and dependence on others for basic day to day activities. Osteoporosis can be reversed and prevented by regular weight training regimes because regular weight training builds up bone mass. And contracy to popular belief Muscle Building after 40 or 50 and even 60 years.

Weight training has been shown to have positive influences in reducing risk of heart attack, help in cancer prevention, help in maintaining a healthy blood pressure and the control of body fat. A positive correlation has also been established between mood and regular physical exercise of which weight training is involved.

How is this Related to Greater Independence in the Golden Years?

Regular training eliminates disease conditions such as heart disease and osteoporosis, builds up strength, maintains the metabolism and generally leads to a happier disposition. These all work together to make the body stronger, giving individuals the ability to remain active and productive even in the later years of life.

Other things to consider

Like in all things of life, variety spurs interest and prevents boredom. So too only being engaged in weight lifting and other strength building techniques and exercises can tend to be monotonous and boring and may cause you to leave it after some time.

Varying these weight training exercises with other exercises like walking, playing with the grand kids, cycling and other community and family activities will spice up life and prevent stagnation. Besides, training does not have to be very intensive. Sessions can vary from between 15 to 30 minutes from about two to three times a week or more if you find the time.

About the Author

Abdul Matynne is a fitness enthusiast and author of the free weight training ebook. Visit his website for more information on Senior Fitness Exercises.

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