Benefits Of Physical Exercise

Benefit Of Physical Fitness, Yoga Benefits

What are the benefits of physical exercise? There are all sorts of health and fitness benefits; if there weren't so many benefits to exercise, people wouldn't be doing it so much! Whether you exercise at home or at the gym with a trainer, the benefits of eating healthy and exercising are an insurance against disease, sickness, obesity and depression.

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You can greatly benefit from exercise at any age. Our bodies were designed to move with grace and energy. If you have been sedentary for much of your life, then begin slowly. Walk daily to build some energy. Keep expanding and reaching for more activity. Choose activities and exercises that you enjoy and read the benefits of physical exercise below.

Benefits Of Physical Exercises,Benefit Of Physical Fitness, Yoga Benefits

Benefits Of Physical Exercise

Check out the top nine yoga benefits...

1. Yoga can relieve stress. This practice helps in relieving the negative effects of stress in the body. This practice encourages a person to relax and to meditate; thus, the stress hormones are lowered to the minimum level.

2. Yoga promotes proper breathing. Since this activity encourages taking deep breaths, it promotes better lung expansions. It also improves overall lung function. With the adequate supply of oxygen in the body, relaxation is also promoted.

3. This discipline can help in relieving pain. This claim has been backed up by several studies. Doing yoga positions and meditations can help in relieving the pains of people with diseases such as cancer and arthritis. Aside from physical pains, there are also claims that yoga can also relieve emotional pains.

4. This practice increases a person's strength. Since various positions utilize every muscle in the body, a person doing these various positions regularly will gain muscle strength. Aside from strength of the muscles, it can also help in relieving tension on the muscles.

5. Flexibility is promoted through the regular practice of yoga. Aside from muscle strength, flexibility is also promoted because of the various postures and easy yoga pose. You are able to increase your range of motion while eliminating body aches. The ligaments and the tendons are also stretched, which allows more movement.

6. Yoga asanas can help in improving a person's mood. Many of the people who attend yoga sessions are those who want to have a bit of relaxation because of being overly stressed in their jobs. Besides relieving stress, it can also help in improving a person's mood, from negative to positive. Studies have also found out that yoga can actually help in alleviating a person's depression.

7. These fitness classes can help those who are struggling to lose weight. With the various postures, a person who would like to get a slimmer body can achieve his/her goal as it also promotes the burning of calories and fats.

8. Improved blood circulation can be achieved through yoga. Doing the different positions in yoga can promote improved circulation which promotes optimal function of the organs.

9. Yoga helps to promote a better well being and a positive outlook in life. A lot of people who are practicing yoga have claimed that yoga has helped them change their outlook in life. They feel calmer, happier, more relaxed and have more energy. Yoga can also increase a person's self esteem and confidence.

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I find it a bit funny the tradition of making new years resolutions about getting in shape and then 6 weeks (actual statistics on physical fitness) later people go back to their regular habits.

We need to make exercise a part of our regular routine for life. In order to make it as easy as possible to make it stick, we need to find something we really enjoy and look forward to doing at least every other day.

Study these benefits of physical exercise, then find out what you like to do and...just do it!
Personally I believe that practicing the disciplines of yoga (even chair yoga) is the secret of how to be happy, stay slim, fit and full of energy.

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