Do Face Exercises & Enjoy a Natural Facelift

Face exercises by way of a facial exercise program will tone and strengthen the muscles in your face, chin and neck.

As we grow older, the layers of fatty tissue under the skin decrease and the muscles slowly lose their tone. The face starts to lose its firm shape around your mid 30’s and the skin begins to sag. However, just as regular exercise improves the muscle tone of your body, exactly the same is true of your face.

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How do you Exercise Your Face, Chin and Neck?

Unfortunately lots of talking and laughing is not enough to promote facial fitness (although laughing is very good for you). You need to isolate and exercise the muscles of your face, chin and neck.

Stress, worry, or anger crease the face into unsightly wrinkles, which can all too easily become permanent fixtures. Face exercises will keep the muscles in your face firm and mobile and will also help your face to relax physically and visibly after a stressful day.

Carole Maggio is a skincare specialist who developed a facial exercise program over a 20 year span. It’s called Facercise

This program is utilized by royalty, rock stars, Hollywood celebs, fashion designers and millions of clients worldwide. And now me!

It’s not a one-time procedure, like a surgical face lift. It’s a continuing improvement program, although you can actually see results in as little as a week!

Face exercises deal with some of the causes of aging skin, such as weak muscles and constricted blood circulation in the face. It is a much cheaper and less painful alternative to surgery. You also feel empowered because you have control over your own face and features.

Once you have learnt the face exercises, you can do them anywhere – watching TV, sitting at the computer, in the bath, doing the housework, in the car (there’s a modified version of Facercise to do while driving, although you might still get some funny looks!).

Do them correctly and you can continue to improve your appearance every week, month and year. It’s up to you how young you look with facial exercise. It just takes a little effort.

Carole explains all the muscles in the face, neck and scalp and her exercises target about 30 of them. She chose these particular ones because they concentrate on expression lines.

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In the book you will find exercises to:

  • strengthen upper and lower eyelids, making the eye socket more defined
  • diminish hollows under eyes and reduce puffiness
  • prevent or reduce frown lines between the eyebrows
  • diminish hooding of the upper eyelids
  • lift the cheeks
  • increase blood circulation, giving a rosy glow to the complexion
  • firm up droopy mouth corners
  • smooth out lines above the upper lip
  • enlarge the lips
  • smooth out age lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth
  • counteract sagging neck skin
  • erase sagging skin around the jawline
  • reduce or erase a double chin

All this means that by making faces for a few minutes each day, you can turn back the clock! I think I’ve turned it back by about a week so far – but I’ll keep you posted!

Some of the thank you letters and testimonials in the book detail fabulous results, so I am very keen to persevere.

Please let me know how you get on. This easy-to learn program should yield results in no time!

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