Hilarious Getting Old Jokes

You Know You Are getting Old Jokes, Getting Old Sucks

Hilarious Getting Old Jokes: Laughter is the perfect anti aging solution! Check out these great jokes and funny quotes about life.

You know you are getting old when...

Alka Seltzer gives you a buzz

You write letters to cereal companies

Your eyebrows obscure your vision

You find Arnold Schwarzenegger more bad-ass as a governor then as a killer robot from the future

You leave bowling and badminton for the ‘young people’

You tell ‘You know you are getting old when’ jokes (except for these jokes; these jokes are young and hip)

You blame any mistake on your bad knee

You only use your cell phone for phone calls, and even that is difficult to figure out

Your ‘facebook’ is the old family album

You’re STILL mad at Japan

You make unsettling noises while sitting down or standing up or for no real reason at all

You’re mad at the current generation for being able to pause their TV

You feel the need to talk to other people’s babies at the mall

You are very concerned with people wearing jackets so they don’t catch colds

You wish the history channel was more boring

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