Prosciutto Crudo con Melone

Prosciutto (pronunced: pro-shoe-toe) in Italian usually means "a dry-cured ham sliced thin and served uncooked".

This style is called "prosciutto crudo" in Italian and is distinguished from cooked ham which is called "prosciutto cotto". The Tuscany and Emilia areas of Italy are very famous for this style of ham, the most renowned and expensive legs of prosciutto come from central and northern Italy, such as those of Parma, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and San Daniele.

Melon & Parma Ham

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Raw ham with canteloupe melon

Prosciutto crudo con melone (better known the world over as (Melon & Parma Ham!) is an appetising and pleasant way to celebrate the food of the Italian region of the Mediterranean.

In Italy, restaurants often have this on their menus, or an assortment of cured pork products such as ham and salami. They are also served with vegetables which have been preserved in a vinegar and brine solution, such as onions, gherkins, green beans, carrots and peppers.

For a healthy antipasto (starter), buy this pale pink raw ham cut into paper thin slices.

The Canteloup melon should be ripe and juicy. Serve slices alongside the pork product and present it beautifully for a magnificent first course.

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