Slowing Aging Down -
by Your Self-Esteem

Slowing aging & self-esteem!

Your personal self-esteem can directly lead to either a slowing down or a speeding up of the aging process you are going through!.

How you see and feel about yourself will have a tremendous impact on your life.

So often our whole anti aging focus is on our outer self – figure, skin, hair, dress etc. We forget to nourish our inner self!, this is a MUST as we start to get older.

Slowing Aging Down - with Self-Esteem

Beauty is also an inside job

A woman (or man) who radiates confidence is beautiful because the inner self is reflected on the outer self.

A positive self-esteem is one of the most important factors in your success and happiness. This is because you probably speak and act according to the inner image of yourself. If you think you are unattractive or unqualified to do something, you will act according to those thoughts.

With a healthy self-esteem you feel good about yourself. You feel independent. You like yourself. You feel confident in your own skin and this actually results in slowing aging down.

It is possible to improve your self-esteem. Although, it’s very easy to say “start loving yourself more”, in fact this is exactly what you have to do (without being vain or boastful of course!)

Take stock of your self-image too. We all have an idea of the way we look but this is not always realistic. Often we are too hard on ourselves – seeing only the double chin and ignoring the beautiful shoulders. At other times we try self-deception – picking clothes a size too small because we refuse to admit we’ve put on weight!

We can all benefit from taking a fresh look at our self-image and by being as realistic as possible. However, I suggest asking a friend or two to help. Ask them to be truthful and give you a list of positive points about yourself. Then concentrate on those positive points and play down the negative ones to build up your self-esteem.

Another way you can help yourself is by acting. Pretend to be happier than you feel and amazingly you will become happier! If you are shy, pretend you are not and you’ll find that your confidence will grow.

I think of someone I admire, what they would do in a certain situation, and then copy those actions. Gradually they become my actions.

If you think that will take forever, then consider taking a course and learn how to raise your self-esteem with the help of a Life Coach. A good coach will teach you strategies and give you the tools to start valuing yourself more.

The right approach to slowing aging down by improving your self-esteem is epitomised in this short video by Jack Canfield, the video is part of a series about improving your wealth.

You’ll find it’s not as difficult as you thought to start slowing aging down.

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