The Best Anti Aging Fruits & Vegetables

by Jill Lengson
(Manila, Philippines)

An apple a day..........keeps aging at bay!!!

An apple a day..........keeps aging at bay!!!

Nobobody can escape the aging process, no matter how hard we try, all we can do is to delay the inevitable as long as is humanly possible!.

Everyone likes looking young and healthy because it means that we will still have the energy and the capacity to enjoy our lives. However, the reality is that we will all have to deal with the issues of aging at some point in time.

Some will even take extreme measures to keep looking young, like going through plastic surgery. Unfortunately, not only is surgery expensive, but sometimes it can go horribly wrong!.

The best way to combat aging is actually the simplest way – follow a Healthy Diet and get regular Exercise .Incorporating a lot of fruits and vegetables into your diet & the Nutrients they contain will certainly help slow down your body’s aging process considerably.

Good Anti Aging Fruits & Vegetables are rich in Vitamin "C", for example, which helps boost your body’s immune system, making it nature’s healer.

Getting a good amount of natural Vitamin "C" reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes and even certain cancers. Examples of foods high in Vitamin "C" are citrus fruits like oranges, limes, tangerines, grapefruits and berries.

Berries, in particular, are good for the heart and vision. They help improve night-time vision and work against macular degeneration or the deterioration of our vision as we age. Aside from these, they are also good for the brain and help prevent ovarian, colon, lung and gastro-intestinal cancers.

The saying that goes “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” actually has a lot of truth in it. Regularly eating apples helps lower our blood pressure and blood sugar control. Try to eat apples with the skin on as much as possible, as most of its nutrients are just under the skin.

A great example of an Anti Aging vegetable is spinach. Not only does it contain Vitamin "C", but it also contains other vitamins like "A", "E", "K", "B2" and "B6". It also has folate, which fight against strokes and heart attacks. Spinach also contains magnesium, which lowers blood pressure.

Broccoli is another good anti-aging vegetable. Aside from containing a number of vitamins like "A", "C" and "K", it also has folate. It is also rich in dietary fiber, which helps with our digestive system. Broccoli helps prevent certain cancers like ovarian, breast, lung, colon, bladder and prostate cancer.

Carrots are famously known to be rich in Vitamin "A", which is good for our vision. However, they are also good sources of Vitamin "C", Vitamin "K", dietary fiber and potassium. Carrots will help protect you against cardiovascular disease and cancer.

It is also worthwhile knowing to eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in Antioxidants .Our bodies are vulnerable to free radicals every day, especially with the amount of chemicals we ingest on a daily basis. Antioxidants help our bodies battle against agents that damage healthy cells, known as free radicals.

Vitamin "C" is a great antioxidant, others include some elements of Vitamin "A", Vitamin "E" and the mineral Selenium are also good examples of antioxidants.

Selenium has been credited with the reduced occurrences of colorectal, lung and prostate cancers. Asparagus is a good source of this mineral.

By simply following the intuitive words of our parents we can all look & feel much younger for much longer !!.

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