Anti Aging Hand Cream

Use an anti aging hand cream or good hand lotion because, even though you might have a youthful complexion, dry, wrinkled hands can give the game away.

It’s important to pay special attention to your hands because they are on view much more than you realize.

Too much sun can cause age spots, so use a hand lotion with some sun protection – 15 is best. Got some of those brown marks on your hands already? Then slather on an anti aging hand cream, to help fade the brown spots and smooth away lines.

Wearing gloves really is of benefit too. Not just when gardening, or outside in the winter weather to protect your hands against moisture loss, but while you’re doing household chores as well, to guard against nicks, cuts and dryness.

And, of course, apply your anti aging hand cream after washing your hands, every time. Leave some on your bedside table too and re-apply every night.

When you apply hand lotion you are actually massaging your hands and this action stimulates the blood flow to the skin, which is just as important as the softening qualities of the cream. You can also help make your hands more supple and improve the circulation by doing some hand exercises every day.

Believe it or not there is now an anti aging injection for the hands too! Small amounts of clear gel are injected under the skin. The gel contains hyaluronic acid (one of the ingredients already in your skin), which plumps up the fine lines on the backs of your hands for up to a year. A course of three treatments costs around $750 with a trained therapist. Please let us know if you have tried this and give us your opinion.

As far as nails are concerned, avoid very long ones. Short ones look more youthful. And avoid pale pearly pink nail varnish – very dated! If you’re not proud of your hands, steer clear of very bright nail varnish too because it will only draw attention to them.

A tip - if you have stained nails and want to brighten and whiten them gently, use Milton bleach (make sure it is Milton, for baby care items, not ordinary bleach!). Soak in the Milton solution for five minutes every 5 or 6 weeks. Even if you don’t want to have colored nails all the time, help strengthen them by using a coat of clear varnish.

For a creative solution to perfect nails, resin overlays won’t ruin your real nails. A gel is painted on and set under a UV lamp for a couple of minutes. I look forward to some recommendations for this procedure.

So, from anti aging hand cream to nail care, with just a little pampering you can quickly transform unsightly hands and avoid giving your age away too quickly!

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