Hand Exercises & Massage

Certain hand exercises are being performed every day because, of course, your hands are in action almost all day long and are relied upon to perform many different tasks.

They are an important medium of self-expression and can be a focal point, together with the face, during a conversation.

It is therefore necessary to take good care of your hands and keep them healthy and attractive.

Hand Exercises

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The hands, like the feet, are rather susceptible to problems arising from poor circulation. By the time the blood reaches the hands, the flow of blood can become quite sluggish.

Blood flow slows down in the cold. Hands may take on a purplish color and may be affected by chilblains (painful, inflamed swelling). It is therefore essential to keep your hands warm and the blood flowing through the arteries as efficiently as possible.

Hand exercises and hand massage can be a great help.

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Few of us have the elegant hands we would like but it is possible to make the most of those we have by giving them some regular care and attention.

Hand massage

Every time you apply hand cream (which should be often!) you are massaging your hands. The blood flow is stimulated by the action and this is as important to your hands as the hand cream you use.

Now and again you should treat yourself to a full-scale hand massage and manicure.

You can also massage your own hands, as follows:

  • Warm your hands by shaking them gently or if they are very cold, immerse them in warm water.
  • Take a good dollop of hand cream in the palms of your hands and rub it well into both palms.
  • Now rub the cream into the backs of your hands, which are normally the driest parts because they are more exposed.
  • Massage down each finger slowly, concentrating on the joints and the sides of the fingers.
  • Massage all of your hands with smooth downward strokes from the fingers to the wrists.
  • Relax your hands and feel the tension easing from them.

Hand exercises

Practise these exercises every day and you will keep your hands more supple, more wrinkle free and expressive. You will also increase their strength and improve your circulation. Practice hand yoga for relief of arthritis.

  • Clench both fists tightly and hold. Then open out your fingers as wide as possible. Repeat 5 times.
  • Put your palms down in front of you with your fingers straight and pressed tightly together. Then open out your fingers as wide as possible. Repeat 5 times.
  • Dangle your hands loosely from your wrists. Keeping hands and wrists relaxed and limp, lift up your hands from the wrists. Drop them and repeat 5 times.
  • Stretch out your arms in front of you and rotate your wrists ten times in a clockwise direction and then ten times anti-clockwise.
  • Open out your fingers as wide as possible and make a wide circling movement with your thumbs. Then make a circling movement with your forefingers and then with each other finger of each hand in turn.

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