Anti Aging Remedies -
Getting Old But Staying Young

The Mythical "Fountain of Youth"

Anti aging remedies have been highly treasured ever since it was rumored that Cleopatra Queen of Egypt bathed in asses milk to make her skin soft, supple and preserve her beauty and youthful looks.

Anti Aging Remedies - Getting Old But Staying Young

Searches for the mythical "Fountain of Youth" have taken place throughout history & across many lands, one of the strongest cases was that of Ponce de Leon the Spanish explorer who discovered Florida(USA) in his search for the mystical fountain, which he never found!

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It's a well known fact that most of us fear growing old. It’s not the associated health issues or the actual added number of years to one’s age that is feared but the physical changes - the wrinkles,flab and sags that come with the package (of growing old) that we most dread!.

Since time immemorial, the fear of looking old and the search for that magical "fountain of youth" & it's fabled Anti Aging remedies have been ingrained in all of us. The modern day equivalent of the waters that supposedly flow freely from the fountain of youth would be called "antioxidants!"

What are antioxidants I hear you say?. Antioxidants are substances that can prevent or counteract the harmful effects of oxidation. Oxidation is good for the body but at some point "free radicals" are produced as byproducts in the oxidation process.

Anti Aging Remedies - Getting Old But Staying Young These free radicals are harmful to the body as they damage the cells of the body. To counteract the effect of the harmful free radicals, the body has developed to a degree antioxidants. These antioxidants are chemicals that aid in slowing down the process of oxidation.

An example of this process is if you envisage a peeled apple. The exposed flesh of the apple will begin to turn brown after just a few minutes exposure to air. That’s oxidation and the effect of free radicals.

If the same apple were put in a bowl of fresh orange juice, the oxidation would still occur but the free radicals will be eliminated to some degree thus your apple will be completely fresh and not brownish. In this instance, the orange juice is the antioxidant.

Anti Aging Remedies - Getting Old But Staying Young A lot has been said about the wonderful effect of antioxidants to the cells of the human body. Antioxidants are enzymes, vitamins, Nutrients and minerals in our bodies. They can also be found in certain external sources such as fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains, nuts & pulses.

These group's of Food products over the last few years have become known as "Superfoods" ,as it is believed that not only do they help prevent many of the ailments specifically attributed to older age such as heart attacks,strokes, heart disease, arthritis & diabetes, but they also contain a varying range of different antioxidants that actually aid in slowing down the aging process in terms of preventing excessive cell damage.

Anti Aging Remedies - Getting Old But Staying Young

If your body maintains healthy amounts of antioxidants, then cell damage will certainly be slowed down & to a certain extent minimized. This is directly connected to having a younger looking you – better skin, better eyesight, and a general feeling of good health & wellbeing.

There are many different types of antioxidants, Red Wine for example is found to contain one antioxidant that actually defies aging!. The only downside is that you have to drink around 200 glasses of red wine a day to receive the amount of antioxidants required to achieve this!.

Don't worry though. The good news is there are actually antioxidant supplements that you can take as one of many anti aging remedies which aid the slowing down of the aging process and could possibly increase your lifespan by 15-20 years!.

We do not promote the use of any tablets or supplements, as anti aging remedies and would suggest caution in this area. Please seek the professional advice of your doctor or physician BEFORE starting antioxidant supplements.

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