Before You Forget –
Adopt a Stimulating Brain Exercise!

Brain exercise will keep you mentally fit, while your physical exercise routine keeps your body in good shape.

Exercise the Brain

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Yes, your Brain Needs Exercise too. Otherwise it will gradually weaken along with your body if you stop using them !. Then you’ll start losing your memory – yes, becoming even more forgetful than you may be already!

Do you move from one room to another to fetch something and when you get there you can’t remember what it was you came in for? Do you take the milk out of the fridge and put it back in a cupboard?

If this is happening to you, you need to think seriously about a brain exercise routine – now, before you forget!

So how can we put together a routine to sharpen our mind, improve our creativity and boost our memory?

Listen to music while working out

By adding music to your workout, you can exercise your body and boost your brain power at the same time!

Sounds too easy to be true? Well, some researchers discovered this when they asked a group of exercisers to complete a verbal fluency test before and after two sessions on a treadmill.

During one session the group listened to Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” and a considerable improvement was seen in following tests, compared to the tests taken after the session without Vivaldi.

And other music will probably be just as effective!

In fact, even if you cannot or don’t wish to listen to music (while swimming for example) it seems that just the physical workout will actually help your brain power.

After carrying out tests on mice, Paul Sanberg, director of the University of South Florida Center for Aging and Brain Repair, concurs that exercise could promote the growth of new brain stem cells in people.

So it sounds like exercise is unquestionably the one anti aging formula that you should not skip.

Learn something new every day

Involve yourself in a new pastime. Flex your mind. Set yourself a task that involves taxing your brain a little more than normal!.

For example, this website involves me in learning about the technical side of website making, as well as the research about anti-aging. I’ve chosen to use a system, which costs me very little but teaches me a lot – when I started I could just about send an email!

I can work at my own pace but I certainly fill my brain with new knowledge everyday. Sometimes it’s tiring but it’s also great fun. And isn’t it better to be tired from brain activity than from boredom & fatigue?

If you’d like to know more about the course I took and the system I use to keep my brain buzzing and make this website, simply check out our
Site Build It Story , or alternatively watch the short video below!

Do Specific Brain Exercises

Give your brain a workout! Have fun with mental aerobics such as quizzes, riddles, logic problems and other enigmas to entangle the mind!

Here's one of many books, which will help: Train the Brain Use it or Lose it: Exercises, Tests and Puzzles to Keep Your Brain Superfit! It's a paperback by Gareth Moore.

There are also many computer based brain health products available, from the Nintendo’s popular Brain Age and Big Brain Academy to the more complex “cognitive behavioral training” exercises from Posit Science.

Alternatively, for just a few dollars a month, you can subscribe to a website, which offers a variety of brain exercises, such as, or sign up to MyBrainTrainer, the world’s first virtual mental gymnasium. Their short computerized tests have been performed more than five million times by their worldwide membership of all ages.

When I completed their brain power test, my Brain Age was recorded as 30 (21 is the ultimate Brain Age according to MyBrainTrainer data). As I write my body is 56, so that Brain Age result has pleased me enormously!

What Brain Age are you? Take a free test and find out.

Alongside brain exercise, some people swear by supplements such as coenzyme Q10 and ginseng for keeping their brain from decaying.

I cannot give a personal view on these yet as I keep forgetting to take them! More brain exercise needed!

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