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Site Build It!

Site Build It!

What an incredibly amazing tool the internet has turned out to be, who would have thought that just within the space of a few years you would be able to do pretty much anything and everything just by the "click" of a mouse!

I love everything about it. It's so great for research, news, information, communication and best of all it keeps my brain really active & affords me the opportunity to work from home, doing something that I really love!

Within just a matter of months from starting our first website adventure I am already confident enough to have bought a second website all about Anti Aging Information , and am looking forward to start earning a reasonable living from them both shortly, it really doesn’t get any better than this!

I had always been intrigued by the idea of starting an internet business for many years, but the whole idea of it seemed overwhelming to me, and was certainly not aided by all the "get rich quick website scams" that have shot up over the last couple of years.

I read numerous articles, ebooks, manuals, and anything else I could find to give me the knowledge and the courage to plunge in and start my own website.

After what seemed like a lifetime, in November 2008 I finally came across something that made sense to me, a company with all the tools I would need to build my business one step at a time, block by block, for one uncomplicated yearly fee.

The name of the company was Site Build It, and the unbelievable bonus I discovered after signing up was that I then received totally free access to the incredible SBI forum family.

Imagine you are starting out on this brand new venture to build your own website/ecommerce business, without any prior experience, and suddenly you have literally 1,000’s of experts available to you, between them they have been through every aspect of building and fine-tuning a website.

Honestly you cannot put a value on it, access to the forums alone is worth many times the Site Build It fee! There are no questions too big or too small for the forums and patience for assisting "newbies" is always in great supply.

Site Build It!

After researching my ideas in accordance with the SBI (Site Built It) Action Guide, I decided on a domain name and put my first website page up in the middle of December 2008. Initially I was getting virtually no visitors at all, this changed by February 2009 and I am now at the stage whereby I have recently started the "monetization" of the site and already I am starting to see "the snowball effect" – all perfectly described within the action guides.

October 2009 update - wow, how fast has this past 10 months since we started Site Build It shot by, and double wow, the results to date, we are now receiving over 70k visitors a month, over 160k pageviews, and are already well inside the top 1% of ALL WEBSITES & BLOGS GLOBALLY!!.

I can report that the “green shoots” of financial independence are just starting to break through the well prepared soil, and I look forward to a fruitful “harvest” for many years to come......

Site Build It!

If by now you are NOT "tingling" with excitement, please "click" onto another page, IF however you like what you have just read, but are still unsure about any aspect, or you just have a query please contact us , we will always give you a really honest answer & try to help you as much as we possibly can, or alternatively I have added a few links below that will take you to the Solo Build It website where you will find answers to EVERYTHING!

Believe it or not, I am not a person who enthuses about things easily, but having discovered SBI and what it has to offer, I cannot help myself, it really is that good!!

Solo Build It!

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